Your roof is as important as the foundations of your house, hence the importance of taking into consideration the signs that may suggest that its roof is failing.

Several factors can determine that it is time to change your current roof such as age, the appearance of mold, the loss of granules and shingles, the appearance of holes or water infiltration in the attic.

If you have decided that it is high time to repair your roof, take care not to do it at any time. Spring can be a good time for this kind of work because roofers are less busy. However, keep in mind that it should not rain too much during this period.

The Association of master roofers of Quebec (AMCQ) suggests not carrying out this type of work between December 15 and March 15, because the cold reduces the adhesion capacity of the self-adhesive strip of the shingles , which makes the roof vulnerable to the wind.

The first thing you will do when starting your search will surely be to ask around and search the internet. But there is no point in rushing to choose the first comer, it is still the roof that shelters you. So, note already that choosing a roofer takes time and requires investigation . It is interesting to compare several contractors by requesting detailed quotes from 3 or even 4 professionals in order to choose the one that will offer you the best value for money. Analyze the offers and choose the one that best suits your needs.

It would be worth asking a potential contractor for references. An honest professional should have no problem putting you in touch with past clients, so beware otherwise.

In addition, it is recommended to find a roofer who agrees to be paid during the inspection at the end of the work or according to their progress. Whatever you do, never agree to pay the full amount up front! Another advice is to hire a roofing specialist and not a generalist to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) is responsible for enforcing the Building Act, the Construction Code and the Safety Code. An entrepreneur who exercises his activity legally is an entrepreneur who must hold a license from the RBQ.

You can easily consult the register of license holders via this web page of the RBQ site . On this same page, you can check whether the contractor has been the subject of complaints from consumers or whether he is currently the subject of a complaint file. The RBQ license number is made up of 10 digits and must appear on the contractor’s estimates, contracts and invoices.

Note that it is imperative that the license is valid before  and during the work, as it may become invalid at any time. Similarly , the RBQ recommends verifying whether the contractor has a restriction in his license prohibiting him, for example, from bidding for a public contract, entering into a public contract or continuing to perform a public contract without authorization from the RBQ.

It is important to ensure that the contractor has professional liability insurance for the entire duration of the work. This provides protection in the event of a claim for damages, personal injury or property damage caused by the contractor or its employees. Also, don’t forget to notify your insurance company that you are having your roof renovated.

The CAA Quebec (Canadian Automobile Association of Quebec), which also offers housing and financial services, advises that a contractor must be registered as an employer with the Commission des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et occupational safety (CNESST). This insurance service protects his business against the risk of a possible financial burden that may result from a professional error.

The necessary guarantees

Be sure to note that the RBQ protects consumers if the work is not done correctly by offering a financial guarantee. To obtain a license, the roofing contractor must post a bond of $20,000. This sum guarantees the performance of the contractual work and the compensation of customers who have suffered damage.

Compensation may, for example, relate to work not carried out, not completed or carried out in an inadequate manner. Regarding this last point, note that the problems must be discovered within one year of the end of the work for you to be eligible for compensation.

Why choose a master roofer affiliated with the AMCQ

The Association des Maîtres Couvreurs du Québec (AMCQ) recommends that you choose your roofer according to several criteria: the contractor must have had a place of business for at least five years, must hold a valid license from the RBQ and be in good standing with various government agencies (CCQ, CNESST, etc.). Accredited members of the association follow a rigorous  selection process and their employees are trained according to AMCQ standards.

The advantage of doing business with an AMCQ-accredited roofer is to be able to benefit from a residential warranty that ensures optimal quality of the work carried out. Valid for 10 years, this covers materials and labour. During this period, there will be two visits by AMCQ inspectors to check the condition of the roof.

These checks eliminate potential problems at the source, ensuring the efficiency of the work and maximizing the durability of the installed covers. In case of infiltration or deficiency requiring a fix, technical support and follow-up will be provided. Note that the warranty remains applicable even if the roofing contractor is no longer in business during these ten years and that it is transferable to the new owner in the event of the sale of the residence.

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