Cosy Ideas on How You Can Style Your Balcony

Style Your Balcony

Even if it’s just a small veranda, private outdoor space is the fantasy of most city dwellers. (Or, let’s face it, a fire escape.) If you are one of the lucky ones to have a balcony, you owe it to yourself and your companions to enjoy it. This requires more than simply placing a lawn chair out and calling it a day. Regardless of its size, you have abundant balcony furniture design potential.

Looking for balcony ideas? Discover some balcony ideas and learn how to completely transform your outdoor space by reading on.

Add a Small Table

On your balcony, a café table and a chair are all you need to enjoy your morning coffee. Choose one that is readily collapsible so you can store it inside if needed.

Install Integrated Seating

With built-in settee seating, you can maximise your space. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about strong breezes toppling your furniture or, worse, sending it soaring.

Bring in Greenery

Create the feeling of a courtyard you’ve always desired by filling your balcony with planters filled with verdant vegetation. Add herbs to your veranda to make it scent as delicious as it appears.

Choose Floor Pillows

Investing in outdoor furniture is unnecessary, particularly if you are renting. Get some colourful, comfortable floor cushions that can also be used indoors.

Pattern an Outdoor Area Rug

Enhance the appearance of your balcony by adding a patterned rug or runner. Remember to opt for something that can withstand the elements.

Utilise Your Wall Area

In order to ensure that your balcony feels like an extension of your apartment, hang planters or weatherproof artwork.

Fire It Up

Installing outdoor pendants or sconces will provide ample illumination for late-night gatherings. Choose string lights or outdoor luminaries if you rent.

Suspend a Seat or Hammock

Even though you may be in the city, there is no reason why your balcony cannot feel like a getaway. A hammock or suspended lounger creates a relaxed atmosphere.

Choose Foldable Furniture

Install furniture that can be folded away or stowed when not in use if space is limited. This collapsible table eliminates floor space.

Create a Space for Cocktails

What could be better than happy hour outdoors? A coffee table and two low chairs are all that are required to create a space for lounging and catching up wile watching the world below. Or, choose a pouffe with a tray on top so that you always have additional seating.

Encircle Yourself in Flowers

There may not be sufficient space for a dining area or even a chair, but there is always capacity for flowers. Install planters along the balcony railing to enhance the view and the curb appeal of your home.

Include a Place to Recline

A daybed or leisure chair is all you need for a relaxing retreat, whether you want to drink up the sun or curl up with a good book. Add some outdoor pillows to increase comfort.

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