An Insight Into Television Queen Ekta Kapoor’s Luxury Home in Juhu

Ekta Kapoor's Luxury Home

Among the big celebrities of India, Ekta Kapoor is a prominent name in the television arena. She has given this nation some brilliant TV soaps that the Indians have cherished over time. Upon success, she is now also a budding filmmaker and has catered to the audience’s needs by launching Alt Balaji, her OTT platform.

She has embarked on the path of earning a successful life. And in the quest for that, she has earned a lot of priceless possessions for herself. Among them is her royal villa of Juhu, Krishna Bungalow, which epitomises sheer richness and luxury!

In this article, let’s get a brief insight into the aesthetic appeal of Ekta Kapoor’s luxury home in Juhu.

Krishna Bungalow is Located in a Prime Hub of Mumbai!

Krishna Bungalow is one of the most luxury homes in Juhu and reflects a combination of modern and classic interiors. This bungalow has been designed by some of the most proficient and sought-after architects and designers in India. Juhu, a prime locality of Mumbai, also contributes a whopping value worth Rs. 200 Crores to the property.

There are bungalows or houses of many other celebrities around the site. If you visit Mumbai and plan on touring the neighbourhood of Ekta Kapoor’s Krishna Bungalow, you might come across a popular celebrity.

Ekta’s House in Juhu Replicates the Chic Royal Appeal

Starting from furniture to accessories, everything around the property reflects sheer elegance. Some of the rooms of this bungalow are designed with modern architecture, whereas some have a minimalistic design. It has great interior themes alongside superior furnishings. There’s a specific guest area as well!

Ekta Kapoor lives in this bungalow with Shobha and Jeetendra Kapoor, her parents. One of the most vibrant things that make this palace different and better from that of the other luxury homes in Juhu is its humongous Ganesh temple. Every member of the Kapoor family is a big devotee of Lord Ganesh.

Following that, the interiors of the house are a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary architecture. If you walk into this palace, you will be awed by the big-sized attractive paintings, giving you a royal appeal. The expensive and chic furnishings will lure you into admiring them, and you can never get enough of them.

You will find some amazing light fixtures, and vintage decor pieces, enhancing the royal ambience of the bungalow. Ekta gave her time and effort towards perfecting every corner of this massive property. Whether it be the vastushastra or the overall decor, she ensured that Krishna Bungalow became one of the best luxury homes in Juhu and Mumbai.

Opulence, grace and majesty are the few characteristics well-fit for Krishna Bungalow. For years, it has also been popular among tourists. Irrespective of what time you visit the neighbourhood in a day, you will see people clicking pictures with this massive property.

The Room-Wise Elegance of Krishna Bungalow

Here’s a glimpse at how each of the rooms or sections of Krishna Bungalow marks a vibrant impression:

1. Living Room

The bungalow’s living room is for hosting all the social gatherings, embedded with colourful wallpapers and artworks. All of the walls are accented and decorated with family pictures. There’s a central hall within the living area where big Bollywood parties are hosted. Ekta is popularly known for throwing some of the most lavish parties in Mumbai.

2. Bedrooms

Every bedroom within the property was designed based on the individual preferences of the residents. Ekta’s bedroom within the bungalow replicates the vibe of a modern art museum. Shobha and Jeetendra Kapoor’s bedroom is quite minimalist in design, with a khaki-coloured ambience.

3. Kitchen & Dining Room

There are four kitchens across this property. Two of these kitchens are completely modular with furnished fittings, and the others are especially for preparing Punjabi cuisine. There’s a great big dining area, spacious enough to accommodate the Kapoor family and even the guests who visit the place over time.


Krishna Bungalow is one of the major landmarks in all of Mumbai and is part of the beautiful lifestyle of Ekta Kapoor. The size, design and grandeur of the property are what make people praise its architecture endlessly. You will see a lot of glimpses of this chic property on the Instagram pages of Ekta and Jeetendra Kapoor.

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