Using sconces on either side of the front door helps give an elegant and formal look. A light hanging above a table on your enclosed porch can give the look of a chandelier in your dining room. String lights are a fun way to give your backyard a cozy look. A single gooseneck sconce above the garage door, especially in a surprising color, is always a noticed detail.


Landscaping can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire. At the end of the day, however, a well-kept yard always looks good. Plants and flowers add a lot to the decor.

Since they come back every year, perennials are a great choice for people who don’t like to garden. Annual flowers are easy to plant in pots. When choosing plants, think in terms of their impact.

CenterDInteret_Plenitude.pngMany landscapers recommend planting flowers in groups of ones and threes — for example, create a sense of fullness by planting a series of hydrangeas and adding a rose bush to accent it all.

Landscaping with inert materials can also have a significant effect. A brick patio or pathway can bring a sense of order to your yard. Adding organically shaped tiles can create a relaxed vibe.

Tip: Consider using garden sculptures. A small stone figure, a colorful bird feeder, or a vintage find, such as a ladder or gate, can become a focal point.


Creating outdoor spaces is a good way to divide up your lawn. With so many weather-resistant materials on the market, it only makes sense that one can live outdoors with the same style and comfort as indoors.

Think about the different spaces you’d like to create (for eating, sitting, lounging, or playing), and make sure there’s some connection between them. You can mix and match the furniture (teak or wrought iron furniture, for example), but use only a few colors to bring all the elements together. Pillows, cushions, rugs and umbrellas are a great way to add color and pattern. However, make sure the colors and patterns don’t detract from the natural character of your outdoor environment.

Think about the different spaces you’d like to create…and make sure there’s some connection between them.

Here are some classic furniture combinations: a pair of Adirondack chairs in a bright color just about anywhere; high-backed rocking chairs on the veranda; bistro chairs around a round table on the patio; wicker furniture with neutral colored cushions and patterned pillows, and; a bench along the path leading to the front door.

Tip: Add practicality. However, nothing prevents you from expressing your personality at the same time.

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